Dilworth Park unveils pop-up garden festival this weekend

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Friday, June 11, 2021
Dilworth Park unveils pop-up garden festival this weekend
This weekend, you can bring the family to a pop-up garden festival at Dilworth Park featuring live music, roller skating, and floral masterpieces.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The heart of Center City is worth a visit year round. But this weekend, it will play host to a pop-up garden festival.

"If you can't find something to do here at Dilworth park this weekend, you don't have a pulse," joked Michelle Shannon, Vice President of Marketing with Center City District. CCD's job involves creating engaging programming such as "The Garden" throughout the year.

The park, resting beneath City Hall's west side, is lush with floral decorations provided by The Lucky Dog Studio.

"We've used about 1,500 butterflies, really trying to canvass and make it really bright and poppy throughout," said Donielle Powell, one of the studio's co-owners.

During the weekend, the festival will feature live music, circus performers, a ping pong tournament, and selfie spots like the Temple University flower wall. Food and drinks dressed with floral garnish will flow from the on-site beer garden and cafe.

In between the green spaces lies the Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink, a warm-weather equivalent to its famous ice rink that takes residence in winter. Families can rent skates and enjoy the retro-themed attraction until July 11.

"It's our last day of school, so we all wanted to hang out together and do something," said Kara Clapper, a student who enjoyed rollerskating with her classmates today.

"It's nice to be able to see each other again," she said, recalling her limited in-person school schedule.

Even after The Garden is deconstructed after the weekend, visitors will still be able to experience the Philadelphia Marketplace at Dilworth Park. Artists like Emmanuel Gray will be showcasing and selling their wares to passersby.

"It was kind of nice to see other vendors. We're usually out there by ourselves," said Gray. "I'd actually be excited to go around and kind of see what else is over here."

The Garden at Dilworth Park is free to enter and runs until Sunday, June 13. To learn more about family fun in Center City, visit the district's website.

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