Trip to the Swiss Alps, skincare, candy: Take a look at what's inside the 2024 Oscars swag bag

Each gift bag is worth about $180,000.

ByAlicia Vitarelli OTRC logo
Friday, March 8, 2024
Take a look at what is inside this year's Oscars swag bag
Take a look at what is inside this year's Oscars swag bag

LOS ANGELES -- Win or lose, there's a swanky swag bag waiting for many of this year's top Oscar nominees.

"One of the cool things about doing this independently of the Academy is that I get to decide who gets it, and we only give it to the top 25 acting and directing nominees," said Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets. "I get to decide what's in it."

Each swag bag is worth about $180,000.

"The Academy doesn't give out gift bags anymore," Fary said. "They stopped like 15 or 20 years ago. I still wanted to do it and in a special way. If you don't win that Oscar, this is a good consolation prize."

No Oscar? No worries! A fabulous trip is the most expensive gift in the swag bag.

"It's a $50,000 getaway to the Swiss Alps, called Chalet Zermatt Peak, and it's all-inclusive," Fary said. "They get the entire sixth-floor chalet, (with) five suites to themselves."

There are also accessories that are selected specifically for the nominees.

"Lily Gladstone, this is her actual purse from Elboque Couture," Fary said. "This is the one they picked out for her. They wrote a little note for each of the nominees."

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There are gifts based on Best Picture nominees, like a "Barbie" pillow and "Oppenheimer" chocolates.

"It has a pop rock inside, so it explodes," he said. "Spoiler alert, that's how Oppenheimer ends."

Some gifts give back, like a bag of dog food.

"V-dog has pledged 10,000 meals to dogs in need," Fary said.

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The bags also include treats for the pet owners, like spirits.

"If they're depressed that they lost an Oscar, they can drown their sorrows with small batch gin and tequila," Fary laughed.

There's also something special straight from Philadelphia inside the swag bag this year: skincare products from the Dancera line at Rescue Spa.

And it all gets delivered to the nominee's home in a suitcase, or two.

"It just gets rolled up to their door for them to unpack and enjoy," Fary said.

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