The first half of Overheard's second season

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

In the first half of Overheard's second season, Ajay sat down with Dr. James Wilson , the Director of the University of Pennsylvania's Gene Therapy Program. In Part I of the conversation Dr. Wilson discussed his work, its future potential and his drive to improve lives now. In Part II, they look at the COVID-19 pandemic and ask the questions: What have we learned to prepare us for the next one? Do we have the resolve and resources to be ready?

Dr. James Wilson Parts 1 and 2

We kicked off Season Two with Ajay's conversation with Richard Vague. They discussed Philadelphia's future and all of the projects falling into place that could turn the region into a med/tech hub, if we don't trip over ourselves first. Watch Parts I and II below.

Richard Vague Parts 1 and 2

Everyone wanted to listen in on Ajay Raju's conversations during season one of Overheard. His talks with the biggest and brightest names in Philadelphia made headlines. They also shined a light on all of the potential this region has for greatness in business, technology and health care, while never skipping over the potholes that so often seem to stand in the way of Philadelphia becoming a major force in world industry.

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Season One