Overheard with Ajay Raju

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Friday, May 17, 2024

You have heard from the mayoral candidates in forums and debates, when they're in a room together trying to get your attention - but what do they sound like when they're just having a long conversation about themselves, the City of Philadelphia and their visions?

That's what Ajay Raju is trying to share in his extension of Overheard - Season 2.

He has sat down for long detailed discussions with several of the candidates: Jeff Brown, Allen Domb, Helen Gym and Rebecca Rhynhart and over the course of their chats, they speak, not in soundbites, but conversations, the kind you'd like to overhear if you were nearby.

Jeff Brown Part 1 Part 2

Allen Domb Part 1 Part 2

Helen Gym Part 1 Part 2

Rebecca Rhynhart Part 1 Part 2

Earlier in Season Two, Ajay sat down with Dr. James Wilson and Richard Vague. Listen in on those conversations here.