Family: Woman on phone with husband when she was cut off, killed in I-95 crash

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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John Rawlins reports from the State Police barracks in Trevose.

BENSALEM, Pa. (WPVI) -- Police in Bucks County are trying to figure out if a deadly crash on I-95 was a case of road rage. And as investigators focus on a car that may have cut the driver off, we're learning more about the victim.

Gabrielle Favoroso scrolled through Facebook Tuesday morning touching base with others mourning the death of good friend Lisa DeMaio.

44-year-old DeMaio, a wife and mother of three, and most recently a doting grandmother. She also was a warm, supportive friend who stayed close with three former co-workers who met years ago working at the Neshaminy Mall.

Favoroso tells us, "If you were having a bad day, she could turn that around with just a couple words or a snarky joke... She definitely had a way with words and a way to make you feel better."

DeMaio was returning home to Turnersville Monday from a family gathering.

While traveling southbound on I-95, police say she was suddenly cut off by the driver of a black sedan who then slammed on the brakes.

DeMaio's Jeep swerved and hit the end of a guardrail.

Trooper Rachael Jones of the Pennsylvania State Police explains, "The vehicle then went airborne and flipped several times."

The black sedan did not stop.

Police say it's too early to tell what prompted the sedan's move. Demaio's family wonders could it have been road rage?

A chilling element her family says, DeMaio was on the phone with her husband Paul the moment of the crash.

Her brother-in-law, Sean Stevens, tells us, "She said, 'Oh My God, someone cut me off.' He heard a pause, and then he heard a scream. And then he did not hear anything more, but he heard air like the phone was no longer in the car."

Those close to DeMaio are hoping the other driver will come forward.

Battling through tears, Gabrielle Favoroso pleaded for the driver of the other vehicle to come forward, saying, "We all make mistakes, and this was a mistake for this person. I just wish that they would put the family's mind at ease... maybe their own mind, and come forth with any information on what happened. They took away an amazing friend and mother and wife."

Police are asking anyone with any information to contact investigators at 215-942-3900.