Second wave of snow moves into Allentown

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Monday, February 1, 2021
Snow piles up in Allentown
Despite a lull in other areas, snow continued to pile up in Allentown on Monday morning.

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The second wave of the days-long nor'easter moved into the Lehigh Valley on Monday afternoon, but the first flakes started flying on Sunday.

"The roads are horrible," said Bruce Carter, who was driving back to his home state of Texas.

And the roads are not getting any better.

The blanket of snow that started forming in Allentown on Sunday is only getting thicker, as the area gets a second blast of the storm.

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"It's really worse than I thought," said Bob Brown of Allentown.

The accumulation has been building and plows have been out on main streets, but it is still slow-going for drivers.

"They're covered. Looks like there's ice underneath. Driving real slow," said Sean Rice of Allentown.

Side streets, like 33rd and Union streets near Cedar Crest College, were snow-covered.

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The storm is nowhere near over, but there were efforts underway at homes, on roads, and at businesses.

The snow slowdown helped, but there's still a ways to go.

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"We started around 6 (a.m.), and ever since then we've been working hard. I've been out on the ground shoveling, and he's been plowing the whole time," explained Nathan Williams from Pappas Lawncare.

"It's been pretty bad. I mean, there's a lot of drifting at this point, and the snow's very icy so the roads are terrible," said John Ball of Pappas Lawncare.