This Family Saved 100 Parrots

ByGabriela Milian Localish logo
Monday, December 23, 2019
This Family Saved 100 Parrots
Would you have turned your home into a sanctuary to save the lives of animals you loved?

Monika Sangar and her family started the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Prego Dalliance Sanctuary (PDS) after losing their first Eclectus parrot, Prego. The family was devastated after losing him and took in other parrots in need.

Now they've saved over 100 parrots and have 20 parrots currently including Eclectus, Ringnecks and Alexandrine parrots that all live in their family home.

"When we found Pepper on Craigslist and he was completely naked. And when we slowly realized and we did more research that there were so many parrots out there that just need a home...we just provide them with a safe environment," said Sangar, co-founder of PDS.

They have also been able to adopt out and foster some of the parrots after rescuing them from different online sites.

The nonprofit provides the parrots with food, shelter and medical care where donations help pay for some of these needs.

The family also makes their own parrot toys that they sell on Etsy to help pay for the expenses of the parrots.