Rescued baby chimpanzee adjusting well to new life

Video of a baby chimpanzee's plane ride to a new home went viral earlier this year after he was saved from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now, the chimp, named Mussa, is doing well in his new home in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rescuers say Mussa has a newfound love for tomatoes.

The organization that rescued Mussa, Lwiro Primates, created a video to thank the public for its support of the chimp.

Mussa also has been introduced to Papi, an older chimpanzee who will serve as Mussa's surrogate father.

Rescuers also remind others why Mussa had to be rescued in the first place.

"Every baby taken into human hands is with the death of its mother! Add to that the fact they can live to over fifty years old and become incredibly strong and you realize that even though they are cute when they are small, it's actually a potentially dangerous animal," wrote Lwiro Primates in a Facebook post.

Lwiro Primates hopes to eventually release Mussa back into the wild when he is older. But for now, he's enjoying the love and care he's receiving from his caregivers.

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