Bugs the monkey loves to groom his cat friend

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Bugs, 16-year-old Java Macaque, loves to groom Snickers, a kitten who lives on the same primate sanctuary farm. (CCG)

Snickers the kitten is a little more pampered than most felines. That's because she lives with a bunch of monkeys.

Snickers' owner, Teresa Bullock, said she is "in total Heaven" and "feelin like a beauty Queen" when her monkey friend Bugs grooms her. Bugs, a 16-year-old Java Macaque, is a careful groomer who enjoys grooming animals of all species, but especially his good buddy Snickers.

The adorable pair are just two of the big personalities living on Bullock's primate sanctuary farm.

Bullock has 300 acres of land in Moscow, Ohio, which she calls "Misfitland." She explains on the Misfitland website that she does not believe just anyone should have a monkey as a pet, as they have lots of needs that not everyone can meet. Bullock aims to give monkeys a loving home after they're given up by people who can't meet those needs, she wrote.

Bullock posts about all her "misfits" on social media, including their interactions with her kids.

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