Healthcare workers in Philadelphia receive COVID-19 vaccine

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Fifteen thousand doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine were slated for Philadelphia in this first round of shipments and hospitals didn't waste anytime putting them to use.

From an ER doctor self-documenting her vaccination at Einstein Medical Center, to a nurse at Jefferson clapping after hers -it was a celebratory feeling as thousands of healthcare workers in Philadelphia received their first dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine.

Temple Health tweeting: "Hope is on the Horizon" as workers show off vaccination stickers.

Dr. Greg Berry, lead hospitalist at Nazareth Hospital, was the first vaccinated there. He compares it to waiting in line for the polio vaccine was he was six years old.

"It's really similar to that feeling like I am part of history, that we are turning a corner on COVID, the same way we turned a corner on polio," he said.

At Pennsylvania Hospital, ER nurse Eric Young received his first dose from his former study partner in nursing school. He hopes to set an example so others feel comfortable getting the vaccine when more doses become available.

"I feel fine, no side effects what so ever, no arm pain and I think it's very important that the community actually get the shot and they should have no fear in getting the shot because it's very important we all get the shot," he said.

Nationwide, distribution has been going smoothly, however 75 doses in New Mexico had to be discarded due to a temperature problem.

And officials in Alaska are reporting one person had a presumed allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to vaccines are rare, but that's why it's best to be monitored for at least 15 minutes after a shot.

The worker was treated and is in stable condition and the CDC is investigating the case.
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