Philabundance holds Phil-a-trunk drive through food drive to kick off Camp Out for Hunger Week

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Sunday, November 15, 2020
Philabundance holds Phil-a-trunk drive through food drive
Philabundance holds Phil-a-trunk drive through food drive to kick off Camp Out for Hunger Week

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- What Philadbundance says is the largest food drive in the country has been converted to a drive-through. Phil-a-trunk, held Sunday, featured luxury cars and trunks, or frunks, filled with food.

"It just lights me up inside. I just hope it goes to the people who really really need it this year," said Jeff Walton, the president of the Porsche Club in the Philadelphia region.

The Phil-a-Trunk event kicks-off Philabundance and WMMR's Camp Out For Hunger week. Last year, car clubs from the Philadelphia region donated 162,000 pounds of food. Carlos Figueroa and his crew showed up with a whole trailer, trying to help top that total.

"We got an awesome group right here. All these people that helped this out, we got an awesome group and they come out every year no matter what, they come out and help us," said Figueroa, co-director of Sinister Mopar, a car club from New Jersey.

The event and the week will look different because of COVID-19. People are asked to wear masks and drivers should to stay in their cars. For the rest of the week, there won't be a live audience for broadcasts or a market, and those who want to help are encouraged to donate online.

"This really represents hope for our community. We're seeing so many more people who are finding themselves food insecure. 60% of people in the Philadelphia area are food insecure," said Loree Jones, CEO of Philabundance.

Philabundance says 40% of people coming for help now have never faced food insecurity before, so the need is greater than ever.

"I've rolled change for diapers. And I know what it's like to be out there I know it's hard when you don't know where your next dollar is going to come from, but at least we can help out and know where their food is coming from," said Mike Gamble, of 215 Mopar.