Germantown apartment complex without power for days; tenants demand answers

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Philly apartment complex without power for days; tenants want answers
Germantown apartment complex without power for days; tenants demand answers

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- An apartment building in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood has been deemed unsuitable for living due to an unresolved power issue.

Some residents have evacuated and told Action News it's not their first time dealing with the issue there.

Several of the people who live in the Lennox Apartment buildings say the power has been out in their part of the complex since Wednesday.

People who live in another part of the complex say the power has been out even longer.

All of the affected tenants say they've had enough.

"You have babies in here, you have elderlies in here. You want your money? You don't want to do nothing," said Jacqueline Lewis.

Tenants said this is not an isolated case.

Action News has video from Christmas Eve 2022 when residents of the Lennox Apartments were temporarily housed in SEPTA buses after a transformer fire knocked out the power back then.

They said they are most frustrated by the response from the property owner, listed as the Premier Property company based in New York.

"We've been in the complete dark, no help from our leasing office. The leasing office hasn't been reaching out to us. They've been rude when we do get in contact with them," Samia Young said.

Action News did reach out to the leasing office, but so far we have not heard back.

Young, who has lived at the Lennox for three years now, says she is stressed out.

It's starting to get very depressing," Young said. "I'm thinking I need therapy after this, being in the dark for so long."

A repair crew was working on the situation when Action News arrived on the scene Tuesday afternoon.

They told us the repairs should be completed by Wednesday morning.