Philadelphia Auto Show includes options for those who prefer practical over pricy

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Friday, January 12, 2024
Philadelphia Auto Show has something for everyone
Philadelphia Auto Show includes options for those who prefer practical over pricy

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Sitting in the middle of a roped-off section that's protected by security guards at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the new Rolls-Royce Spectre is hard to miss.

With a deep purple color and doors that close with the press of a brake, the vehicle on the floor of the Philadelphia Auto Show is touted on the Rolls-Royce website as "the world's first ultra-luxury electric super coupé."

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Most people who attend the auto show, though, are not in the market for a car that tops $413,000.

"They're looking for a vehicle that will suit their budget, but they're also looking for style and elegance," said Nissan product specialist Elizabeth Bayu.

Among the 600,000 square feet of cars are options that start in the $20,000 price range. That practical side of the auto show is drawing more and more people. One thing that drives people to the auto show is the ability to car shop without the pressure.

"It's a no-pressure environment," said Mike Gempp, director of the Philadelphia Auto Show. "You're not being sold cars here, you're just learning about the vehicles."

Gempp added that the auto show is also where value-seeking consumers can comparison shop just by walking across the aisle.

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"You're just crossing an aisle to go see, shop and compare those vehicles versus going from dealership to dealership," he said.

Anyone intimidated by electric vehicles can learn about the technology at the show too.

"You can be schooled and learn on things like, what kind of range does that get? How do I power that vehicle? What do I have to do to my home to make that vehicle something I can see driving every day?" said Gempp.

Consumers may also be surprised to know all of the safety features included in most basic car models nowadays.

"Blindspot avoidance, automatic cruise control, parking sensors. They've all become standard now," said Gempp.

Playing to the consumers' practical side, Nissan added a faux snowfall display above its newest electric vehicle, hoping to cause a flurry of interest by touting their car's performance.

"It's just magical when you look at it but it also lets you know it can handle itself in any condition," said Bayu.

It's all in an effort to help people see themselves in a car that matches their reality while still leaving a little room for the fantasy.

"You can discover something you haven't even thought about," said Gempp.

The Philadelphia Auto Show runs Saturday 1/13 to Sunday 1/21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Tickets range from $12 (child) to $20 (general admission) and can be purchased online. There are also discounts for groups, military and seniors. For more information, visit: