'Clear ice' crafters: Pa. dads create Philadelphia Craft Ice Company

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023
'Clear ice' crafters: Pa. dads create Philadelphia Craft Ice Company
Noah Sokoloff and Chris Vandegrift became friends thanks to their children. Now, they craft a cool concoction to change the way we enjoy cocktails.

AMBLER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "The first time I saw clear ice, I was intrigued but didn't really give it too much thought," said Noah Sokoloff, "Until I was in Washington, D.C. working and started noticing it more."

Sokoloff had prior experience selling spirits but soon became invested in learning how to craft clear ice. It's an alternative produced from highly-filtered water which is then frozen into 200-pound blocks. The creatively-cut products are designed to last so drinks will not be diluted.

Sokoloff found a business partner in Chris Vandegrift, a fellow father of two from the neighborhood.

"Chris and I met each other through playdates with our kids, lots of family dinners" said Sokoloff. "And we were at a party and I've been talking about this idea of wanting to bring this idea to the Philadelphia area in a larger scale."

Vandegrift became convinced when Sokoloff served him a drink with clear ice.

"I was kind of mesmerized," said Vandegrift. "Then, he explained the functionality behind it and kind of how it's done. And that was all I needed to know."

Noah Sokoloff and Chris Vandegrift can mold clear cubes of ice into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Now, the two dads own a business in Ambler called Philadelphia Craft Ice Company. They mostly sell to restaurant owners, people hosting parties, and others who want to elevate their personal bar experiences.

And they say this is just the beginning.

"I know that there's going to be more clear ice vendors along the way because I see it in other cities," said Sokoloff. "We welcome that because it's just going to raise the tide. So we're excited for that."

To learn more about Philadelphia Craft Ice Company and inquire about pricing, visit their website.

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