Family pleads for help after hit-and-run crash leaves woman with severed leg

The crash happened on August 27 when Jaclyn Zucker was trying to cross the street at 33rd and Diamond in Philadelphia.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Woman's leg severed after hit-and-run crash; suspect wanted
"She will not be the same. Hopefully, she will have a new life," said the mother of a hit-and-run victim. Police are still searching for the driver.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Montgomery County family is pleading for help after a hit-and-run crash left a woman with a severed leg in Philadelphia.

It happened on August 27 around 11 p.m. when 40-year-old Jaclyn Zucker, of Ambler, was trying to cross the road near 33rd and Diamond streets in Philadelphia.

The driver who struck the woman fled the scene after the crash.

"Of course I'm extremely grateful that she's alive," said the victim's mother, Paula Zucker.

Before the accident, Jaclyn had been a soccer player and speed skater. Now, she may never walk again.

"She is in tremendous pain and numbness in parts of her body," said Zucker

The crash left Jaclyn with two broken arms, multiple fractured ribs, and her lower left leg was severed.

"We were told that the nerves were damaged so severely that it couldn't be reattached," said Zucker, who added that her daughter's fiancée waited at the scene with her for half an hour before an ambulance arrived and took her to Penn Presbyterian. She's been at the hospital and in rehab ever since.

"She will not be the same. Hopefully, she will have a new life," said Zucker.

While her family is focusing on recovery, they're also looking for answers. Police say they have no surveillance video of the accident, and despite there being witnesses, they do not know what kind of car hit Zucker.

Her mom is pleading for the person who hit Jaclyn to come forward.

"My goal is truly to forgive whoever this driver was. I don't know what the circumstances were," she said.

Zucker says one bright spot in this dark time for her family is how the community has come forward to help by raising more than $50,000 so far for her recovery.