Eagles fans prepare for Saturday's playoff game

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Saturday, January 21, 2023 1:11AM
Eagles fans prepare for Saturday's playoff game
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People across the Delaware Valley spent Friday getting supplies, and even haircuts, ahead of Saturday's big game.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Food, friends, fun, football: the four pillars of a Saturday night done right.

People across the Delaware Valley spent Friday prepping for tomorrow's playoff game.

When you're rooting on your team, you might as well look fresh doing it. That's where Salvatore Giannoni comes in.

Giannoni is a true artist, buzzing, shaving and shaping haircuts into the Eagles logo.

"I have people coming from Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey to get Eagles logos from me," said Giannoni.

Giannoni owns his own chain of Sal's Barbershops and his attention to detail is drawing attention.

"I just learned how to draw with the clippers. It's a little more difficult cause you're learning to cut out negative space," he said.

Superior beverage has been operating for 70-plus years. It's a family-run business in Phoenixville.

"If the Birds do well, do you do well? Does that translate?" "Absolutely," said Tom Mirabile.

The same goes for TD Alfredo's Pizzeria down the road.

"About 700 pizzas and a lot of it has to do with the Eagles tomorrow," said Greg Feiner.

"We're top dogs baby, top dogs ya'll. Fly eagles fly!"

Home chefs, like Gladys Rowane, also spent time preparing to whip up something special.

"Buffalo chicken dip. I'm making queso dip, I'm frying some wings, hot wings."