Delco McDonald's worker feels 'so lucky' after Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce signs jersey

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Thursday, January 18, 2024
Broomall McDonald's worker feels 'so lucky' after Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce signs jersey
A Broomall McDonald's worker is over-the-moon after snapping a photo with Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce after getting his autograph.

BROOMALL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Danielle Bonham has worked at the Broomall McDonald's for a little less than a year. She grew up watching the Philadelphia Eagles and is a huge Jason Kelce fan.

When she started, she heard he would come into the store and first met him last summer.

"He's humble, so humble. And after all these years, he's the same person he was when he first started -- just a little older," Bonham said. "That's how I look at it. Anyone who's come in contact with this man should be ever so lucky."

Bonham got to see Jason Kelce again Wednesday morning and snapped a picture after getting an autograph from the star Eagles center who was on his breakfast run.

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The second time she met him, she said she didn't have anything for him to sign so he signed a McDonald's bag for her, which is now framed in her room.

Bonham has seen him other times throughout the year and said he's always friendly and humble.

Then, this week, she was ready in the event he came by. She had a thank you card and gift for him and his wife. She also has a new jersey for her boyfriend on hand that she asked Kelce to sign.

"I was like, my boyfriend finally got me your jersey [and] he was like, 'Oh great!" Bonham told ABC News.

She then said she asked if he wouldn't mind signing it for her.

"I told him I loved him [and] he said, 'You too.' I then said, 'Thank you for everything!' Then the rest of the day has been a blur."

Bonham also weighed in on news that Kelce may be retiring.

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"Whether he retires or not, I just am grateful for being fortunate enough to have a bond with him, I feel like I've known him my whole life," Bonham said.