Jalen Reagor 'very excited' to join Philadelphia Eagles

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Friday, April 24, 2020
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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor now hopes to make noise on the field after the team made his dream come true on Thursday night.

Reagor says the Eagles showed more interest in him than any other team in the NFL that he spoke with at the combine or over FaceTime leading up to the draft.

He's arguably the fastest receiver in the draft with electric speed much like Eagles star wide receiver Desean Jackson.

Reagor might only be 5'11, but he's a playmaker.

"I'm a great vertical threat. I can run any route in the route tree. I'm an electric player. I'll make an immediate impact when given the chance. So, I'm coming in ready to work and ready to learn. I'm a great teammate and I won't be a cancer to the locker room. Ultimately, I just show love, and I'm going to continue to elevate my game and continue to try to grow and become a better player," Reagor said.

Doug Pederson spoke highly of his new weapon, "Any receiver that has this type of skill set, much like DeSean with the speed he has, earlier in his career, you find ways to put the ball in their hands, and there is obviously a way to do that."

Pederson stresses that before they count on their speedy receiver he has to get caught up to speed. The Eagles are sending him a tablet with a play book to study.

Reagor needs to study up, but he's already done plenty of homework on his new quarterback Carson Wentz.

"It's Carson Wentz, I feel like his name speaks for itself. And just the fact that I get to be alongside those guys now. It's just a surreal feeling. Like, I watched Carson Wentz. I watched him play. I'm like, 'Wow, this dude is amazing,' and now he's my quarterback. So, it's just, like I said, a surreal feeling, and ultimately, it's a blessing," Reagor said.

Not only can the TCU wide receiver play outside and in the slot, he's a punt returner and could be used as a kick returner too, Pederson says.

Reagor is now ready to hit the ground running after a down year last season in college, but Reagor makes no excuses.

Reagor's 2019 stats at TCU

  • 611 yards
  • 14.2 average
  • 5 touchdowns

Reagor is somewhat familiar with Philadelphia as his father played with the Eagles.

Montae Reagor was a DT for the Eagles in 2007 and played seven games.

His dad ended his career with the Eagles, and now Jalen will start his career here with a promising future.

"It's a family environment. They love football. They love their Eagles. It's just a sigh of relief, man, like all this hard work you put in for this moment. My whole life I've told my people, my family, I'm going to be a first rounder someday. It's just crazy. I'm so blessed to have it come true, and then what greater organization to go to (than the) Philadelphia Eagles. So, I'm very excited and ready to go," Reagor said.