Here's why the Eagles making the playoffs isn't as crazy as it might sound

The Birds have the easiest schedule in the NFL the rest of the way!
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- I'm not sure if last week's 44-6 win in Detroit was more about the Eagles being good or the Lions being really bad.

But regardless, the win did a couple of things.

First, it might have cost the Birds the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

After all, they want Miami (1-7) to finish as the worst team in the league, not the Lions (0-8).
But what it really did is create an interesting scenario in which fans are thinking: Could the Eagles actually make the playoffs?

I know, I know; it's something that sounded preposterous even last week with them sitting at 2-5.

But consider this. The Birds only have to play three more teams with winnings records, one of those being the Cowboys in the last week of the season and that game might not matter one bit for Dallas.

In fact, the Birds have the easiest schedule in the NFL the rest of the way!

And remember, the NFL added a seventh playoff team for both conferences.

Plus, some of the tougher teams on the slate have been taken down a notch recently.

The Birds face the Denver Broncos in two weeks, but future Hall of Famer Von Miller won't be there. He was traded on Monday.

The Birds meet the 5-2 New Orleans Saints in three weeks, but minus their starting QB. Jameis Winston tore his ACL on Sunday.

Even Sunday's opponent, the Los Angeles Chargers, are reeling a bit after dropping two straight.

It sure feels like the football gods are setting this up for an Eagles game in January.

Then again, one thing we know as Philadelphia sports fans?

Many times scenarios like this just set us up for...disappointment. We'll see how things turn out.
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