The drive-in is back! Philadelphia Expo Center hosts cinema pop-ups

People are starved for live entertainment, and venues used to hosting big events are starved for business.

That includes the Philadelphia Expo Center, which is used to hosting hundreds of thousands of people a year for various events.

Starting Thursday, Kilburn Live is turning its empty fairgrounds into a "Cinema Pop-Up."

"We're really not creating just a drive-in theater, we're creating a drive-in venue," says Jonathan Sanford, CEO of Killburn Live. "That way, depending upon how long this persists, it might require that concerts, comedian tours, anything that might go into a PAC or an arena stays out of doors and allows people to be in their cars."

This brings production crews back to work and allows these spaces and venues to make money in this critical time.

It also gives people something to do that's fun and safe.

"The drive-in is back. What is old is new!"

The cinema pop-up starts Thursday and runs through August 2.

Click here for the schedule.
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