Flyers surprise 5 local businesses impacted by pandemic with $100,000 awards

"I'm still processing it. It still hasn't sunk in yet," said Hector Nunez of Wooder Ice.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Small businesses have been through a lot the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month, the Philadelphia Flyers surprised five small businesses with money to help them expand their reach locally.

Each of the five small businesses received $100,000 in free advertising assets, which include radio commercials, digital and social media promotions, and some in-arena presence too.

"I'm still processing it. It still hasn't sunk in yet," said Hector Nunez of Wooder Ice.

Nunez is a Latino business owner that runs a blog and sells hyperlocal merchandise. He says this award not only helps his business stay afloat but also rebound from a challenging two years.

"Everybody is being affected, whether you're big or small business, especially when you're coming from a place like the Flyers. Just to be recognized amongst that arena organization, it's overwhelming," he said.

The Flyers teamed up with Wells Fargo Center last year to launch the Hometown Assist Award to help small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

"We wanted to be able to offer that level of support. I think it's really more or less visibility for each of these businesses -- one to stay connected to their current base, but also to be able to grow and expand," said Joe Meade, VP of Community Relations and Government Affairs.

Along with this year's five winners, the Flyers also awarded 10 additional businesses with access to hospitality suites to use as a networking tool for potential new clients.

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