See surveillance video from $1M Philly jewelry store heist

LAWNCREST (WPVI) -- Action News has obtained surveillance video from inside the Northeast Philadelphia jewelry store in which more than $1 million in merchandise was stolen.

It happened at the Kim Thanh jewelry store at the Asian Market in the 5500 block of Whitaker Avenue.

The video shows the moment two burglars broke into the back of the store around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say they got in by cutting a hole in the roof of a neighboring store, then cutting a hole through the wall between the two shops.

The video shows one suspect climbing down a ladder wearing white clothing, mask and gloves.

He shines his flashlight around the room, the puts a ladder up to assist his partner, who was also coming down from the entry in the wall.

Just as you see his accomplice climb down, the first suspect seems to find the surveillance camera wires and cuts them. Then the shot goes black.

Employees wouldn't go on camera, but Philadelphia police say the suspects used an unknown tool to break into the safe where all of the jewelry is placed at the end of the business day.

Rolex watches, rings and other loose diamonds were taken totaling $1.3 million.

Police say when the thieves cut the security wires, the owner received an alert, but thought it was a false alarm.

"They were alerted through the night that the alarms were going off, but they didn't send the police out. They sent a family member over, and he drove over to check on the place and it seemed secure, so they thought something was wrong with the alarm system," said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum told Action News on Monday.

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Police say more than $1 million worth of jewelry was stolen from store in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia.

Detectives say the burglars likely waited to see if police showed up and, when they didn't, the crew ransacked the store.

"Absolutely professional the way they did the roof, got in, climbed in, extricated through the wall. And they did it probably pretty quick too," said Rosenbaum.

Police say the same store was burglarized two months ago, and it appears the same criminals were responsible for this crime as well.

The owner of the store was visibly upset, saying the store is how she supports her family.
She said there is insurance to help cover the loss.

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