Philadelphia looking for "Tap Water Ambassadors": Earn $600 to promote tap water

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Tiffany Ledesma with the Philadelphia Water Department says you can earn hundreds of dollars and all you have to do is drink tap water and promote it. You can also earn a pretty cool title, "Tap Water Ambassador."

"We are looking for about 25 Ambassadors to work with us for about 6 months to 8 to 9 months to really go deep in the community in educating people," says Ledesma.

The goal of the new Drink Water Project is pretty simple, drink more tap water and less bottled water.
The message is that Philadelphia water is safe, healthy and more affordable than bottled water. It also means less plastic in the community, which the Water Department says is better for the environment.

"We don't like seeing plastic bottles all over the streets of Philadelphia so there is that environmental incentive and then of course health wise. Drinking more water is a beautiful thing for all of us," Ledesma says.

Action News hit the streets and talked to locals about the idea of tap water versus bottled water and the thought of becoming a Tap Water Ambassador, which pays $600.

"Tap water definitely. It is free. I mean we pay for it and bottle water it is kind of expensive and kind of a hassle taking it in and out of the house," said Yvette Rios of North Philadelphia.

"Six hundred dollars to tell people to drink tap water?? Hey guys drink tap water. It is good for you. It's always cold," said Daniel Gonzales from Northeast Philadelphia.

Ambassadors' outreach will include attending community events, and making presentations around the city to preach the gospel about the goodness of tap water. If you are interested, all you have to do is apply online but time is running out.

"Monday, March 25th, which is a few days away, by 5 o'clock, we need to get those applications in. It's a very simple application but really are looking for people that live in areas where people feel like they are struggling financially because that is where the data is pointing to," Ledesma says.

Winners will be selected in April. You have to live in the city to apply - and must be willing to commit about 7 to 8 hours a month.

You can get the application here:
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