Philadelphia Phillies roll out facial authentication to let fans skip lines at Citizens Bank Park

There will be a special lane available only at the first base gate that will have a facial recognition scanner.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Phillies roll out facial authentication to let fans skip lines
For the first time ever you will have the option to use your face as a ticket at Citizens Bank Park.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- No paper or e-ticket? No problem!

Phillies fans now have the option to use their face as a ticket at Citizens Bank Park.

It's part of Major League Baseball's pilot program that went into effect Monday.

Phillies fans have the option to use their face as a ticket at Citizens Bank Park.

Fans who are 18 and older can opt in to "Go-Ahead Entry."

"We have been hearing from our fans, they really wanted a more welcoming stadium entry experience, and so this allows them to just be eyes up, not stop, not get a phone out, wrestle with any kind of technology and even come in with their full group or their family," said Karri Zaremba, the MLB's senior vice president of product - ballpark experience & ticketing.

"You don't have to stop. You don't get your phone out. You don't stop to scan a ticket. You literally walk straight in," added Zaremba.

Officials say it'll work especially well for families, like the Beale family from Newport News, Virginia.

Andy Beale just decided to try the new feature on Monday. He, his wife and three children are on a quest to visit every MLB stadium.

"I just downloaded it an hour ago at the hotel," he said. "We walk in, it sees my face. It knows who we are. It knows we have five tickets and we're in."

Here's how it works:

  • Download the MLB Ballpark app if you don't already have it.
  • Once on your phone, click the tab "MLB Go-Ahead Entry."
  • Allow the ballpark app to take your photo.
  • Take your picture, and then you're registered.

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There will be a special lane available only at the first base gate that will have a facial recognition scanner.

The MLB says photos of fans are not stored anywhere. Rather, the face scan creates a numerical token that's used to pull up your tickets when you walk through.

Officials say thousands of fans have already signed up to use it.

Phillies fans have the option to use their face as a ticket at Citizens Bank Park.
Phillies fans 18 and older can opt into the Go-Ahead Entry program.

Opting into this is not a requirement to attend the game, it's just a new option for quicker, seamless entry.

The Phillies and the MLB released to following info on the new program:

What is MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

Go-Ahead Entry refers to the combination of free-flow security screening technology and facial authentication-based gate management, resulting in a fast, hands-free entry into the ballpark. MLB's Go-Ahead Entry technology uses a camera that will identify any opted-in fan as a registered member as they walk in - either alone or with their group - automatically scanning tickets once identified. No need to stop or even get a phone out. Fans can now enjoy the ultimate hands-free, free-flow experience entering the ballpark with their eyes up. Just skip the line and be ready to enjoy the game.

Who can enroll in MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

Enrollment is completely voluntary and is available to anyone 18 years of age or older with a MLB Ballpark account. Registration is available only through the MLB Ballpark app. Individuals below the age of 18 may only enter through the Go-Ahead Experience with their registered parent or legal guardian who is consenting on their behalf.

How can I enroll in MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

The registration process is fast and easy. It starts with the MLB Ballpark app, where you can register for the program in about 10 seconds. Once registered, any ticket associated with your account for games at any participating MLB ballpark is enrolled for Go-Ahead Entry. You can enroll in MLB Go-Ahead Entry by clicking here. Ensure you have the latest version of the app downloaded.

What will I need to agree to?

All ticketed fans using Go-Ahead Entry, including guests in your party entering with you, will need to have their faces scanned and consent and agree to MLB's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in order to participate.

What data will be collected?

In accordance with MLB's Privacy Policy, Go-Ahead Entry cameras will scan your face to create a unique numerical token associated with you. The facial scans will be deleted immediately thereafter. Only the unique numerical token will be retained and associated with your MLB account.

When can I register for MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

Registration can be completed at any time in the MLB Ballpark app prior to entry. To ensure the fastest possible entry, we recommend registering in advance of arriving at the ballpark.

Once enrolled, are there any other actions I need to take prior to using the MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

No, once enrolled in MLB Go-Ahead Entry, there is no other action required for sign-up. Enrollment into the program does not guarantee entry into an event. All individuals in your party must be ticketed guests to enter.

What if I want to remove myself from MLB Go-Ahead Entry?

This program is completely voluntary. If you'd like to unregister, you can do so at any time by navigating to your MLB account profile in the MLB Ballpark app, selecting the "MLB Go-Ahead ID" link, and following the steps to un-enroll in Go-Ahead Entry.

Will my family and guests need to opt-in in order to attend a game?

No, only one member of a group will need to be opted in to Go-Ahead Entry to use these designated lanes. When you arrive at the ballpark, similar to a restaurant reservation, you will need to have valid tickets for all members of your party, and everyone will need to be with you to enter the Go-Ahead Entry lane together. Everyone in your group will be scanned by the facial authentication cameras and permitted for entry, however only opted-in members will be "recognized". Your family and guests will enter Go-Ahead Entry with you to enter the park if the tickets are on your MLB Ballpark app account. If you have guests who will be arriving at a different time or who do not wish to have their faces scanned, we recommend you forward their ticket ahead of entry. After receiving the ticket, they will have the opportunity to opt-in to the experience, or they can choose to enter at any standard entry lane.

What if my entire party is not present when I enter the lane?

You can forward your tickets to your guests using the MLB Ballpark app and enter with the rest of your party. If you choose not to forward your tickets but prefer not to wait for your other guests, you can use any standard entry gate.

What if my guests don't want to participate in Go-Ahead Entry?

In the event that your guest is not interested in participating, you can forward the ticket to your guest from the MLB Ballpark app. Your guest can enter through any standard entry gate by scanning their ticket from the MLB Ballpark app. If they haven't already, your guest will need to download the MLB Ballpark app and create an MLB account in order to access and use the forwarded ticket(s).

What if my group includes children under the age of 18?

If you are enrolled in MLB Go-Ahead Entry, your own child(ren) or ward(s) can enter the game with you as part of your ticketed group. If there are any minor children in your group and you are not their parent or legal guardian, your party will need to enter through any standard entry gate and scan your tickets from the MLB Ballpark app.

Will I need to show my ticket(s)?

You will not need to show your ticket(s) at entry, but be sure you can access your ticket(s) in the MLB Ballpark app for entry into other areas inside the ballpark (e.g., clubs, VIP areas, etc.) or to use any loaded value on your ticket(s) for concessions or retail purchases. You will need to show your ticket(s) in the MLB Ballpark app to access your seat(s).

Will Go-Ahead Entry be available for entry at other gates at Citizens Bank Park?

At this time, Go-Ahead Entry will only be available at the First Base Gate. We have plans to expand the offering in 2024.

Where do I enter Citizens Bank Park?

Go-Ahead Entry will be available at the First Base Gate.

Will Go-Ahead Entry be available at other ballparks?

During the 2023 MLB season, the Go-Ahead Entry experience will launch exclusively at Citizens Bank Park.

What if I'm wearing a face mask, hat, glasses, or have facial hair?

Face masks, hats, glasses, colored contacts, head scarves, or facial hair should not affect the scanner. The vast majority of sunglasses, face paint schemes, and sequins will also not impact the scanner. However, it is advisable not to use multiple items at once (e.g., hat and face mask and glasses).

What happens if my face is not matched at the Go-Ahead Entry lane?

If we are unable to match your face at the entry lane, you will need to scan your ticket directly from the MLB Ballpark app.

How is the information that MLB collects secure?

The security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures designed to protect fan information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and modification that follow or exceed industry standards for security. We regularly review our security procedures and evaluate applicable new technology to keep our methods up to date and in compliance with state law.