Philadelphia police, nurses teach youth life-saving techniques amid gun violence surge

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With the rise in gun violence in Philadelphia, police officers and nurses took the time on Friday to teach residents and children how to save a life after a person may have been shot or stabbed.

Using props and gauze, 18th Police District officers and medical professionals from Penn Medicine were at the Christy Rec Center in Southwest Philadelphia, teaching children and their parents how to stop the bleeding on a wounded victim.

"Bleeding is the leading cause of death," said 18th district officer Justin Harris.

They informed children if someone is wounded, have someone call 911 while others work to stop the bleeding until medics can get there.

"Unfortunately, we are at a time where these things may need to be taught to our youth," added Harris.

Police and residents got together after the event to try and discuss potential solutions amid this continued issue.

"A lot of kids when they see blood, they get traumatized, so now when they see blood, they know how to react until 911 or rescue come," said Eugene Lett of Southwest Philadelphia.

Penn Medicine Trauma Nurse Kristen DiFiore, said, "If they know a little bit of first aid and how to stop the bleeding on the scene, that can make such a difference."

Penn Medicine staff left a lot of tourniquets donated by the American Trauma Society.

18th District officers say they will keep coming back to the recreation center every Friday, introducing new things that can benefit the
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