Tuesday's election has implications for Philadelphia and all of Pennsylvania

The polls will be open today until 8 p.m.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Tuesday election has implications for Philly and all of Pennsylvania
Campaigns spent Monday trying to make one last attempt to sway voters before the primary election on Tuesday.

PHILADEL:PHIA (WPVI) -- Tuesday is primary election day in Pennsylvania.

Six of the nine Democrats running to be Philadelphia's next mayor are locked in a tight race, and it will come down to who shows up at the polls.

"I couldn't make up my mind," said Bonnie Schorske, who dropped off her mail-in ballot on Monday. "Everybody I know has been struggling amongst two or three candidates for different reasons. All good."

The latest poll by Nexstar and Emerson College showed that around 15% of voters were undecided in the race for mayor. No Democrat had a clear lead.

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With a tight race, that could mean the results will take longer to become clear.

"If the race is close, I would expect it to take longer for the results to be called," said Nick Custodio, Deputy City Commissioner.

The mail-in ballots will start being counted at 7 a.m. on Tuesday. So far, about 60,000 ballots have been received in Philadelphia, with around 30,000 still outstanding.

The race for mayor has gotten much of the attention, but there is a special election in Delaware County that has statewide implications.

"This is an unusually consequential special election," said Pat Christmas with the Committee of Seventy.

The election will replace Mike Zabel, who represented the 163rd district in parts of Delco. He resigned in March over sexual harassment allegations.

With the Democrats holding a one-seat majority in the state house, this election can sway the balance of power.

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The special election is open to any registered voter in that district.

"In the 163rd, in this part of Delco, every voter regardless of party affiliation is eligible and able to weigh in," said Christmas.