Caught on video: Mother, daughter heartbroken after dog stolen outside Philadelphia home

"I really hope that God puts it on your hearts to just bring her back safely," said one family member.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A mother and her daughter are heartbroken after they say their dog was stolen right outside of their home.

The whole thing was caught on camera in broad daylight.

What started out as a typical morning quickly turned into a heartbreaking situation for Eden Mason and her 17-year-old daughter Jaeden.

"They definitely saw Lady. They backed up and jumped out and got her," recalled Mason.

The footage shows a light-colored sedan drive past the house, but then it backs up. A man gets out of the vehicle, takes Lady and drives away.

Mason says Lady was a birthday gift for her daughter when she turned eight. She's now 17.

"It's myself, my daughter, and its Lady. So for us to go from three of us to just two of us, it's devastating," cried Mason.

It's not like Lady to stray away, let alone even leave the block. She normally stays by a patch of grass next to her home.

"(Jaeden) said she took the trash out and Lady came out behind her. When she went in the house, she thought Lady came back behind her," explained Mason.

It was only moments later when Jaeden realized that Lady didn't follow her back in.

"To the people that took Lady, I really hope that God puts it on your hearts to just bring her back safely," Jaeden pleaded.

"Specifically to the young man that took Lady and to the young woman that was yelling for him to hurry up and take Lady: I want you to understand Lady is 11 years old, she can not be bred. She can't have puppies. She's a part of our family," said Mason.

Lady's family is offering $500 for her safe return. She was last seen on 58th and Springfield Avenue in Philadelphia. If you have any information you can reach out to (267) 593-5144.
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