Pennsylvania Attorney General sues multiple towing companies in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA -- Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said on Friday his office has filed lawsuits against multiple towing companies in Philadelphia.

The suit alleges predatory towing practices by Angelina's towing along with Siani's towing and Aubry's Towing- all listed with an address in the 3200 block of Germantown Avenue.

Miguel Caban Sr. and Michael Caban Jr. are also named in the lawsuit.

Michael Caban says his company, Angelina's, is not connected to Siani's or Aubry's.

"I bought the company about three years back," he said.

Action News found signs still posted on Friday which list Siani's Towing at the very same address in Germantown Avenue.

Shapiro says the suit was filed after numerous complaints.

"They towed vehicles that were not illegally parked or the sign for the tow was not clearly marked, which is illegal, and then they turned around and intimidated Philadelphians, demanded payment in cash when the Philly ordinance clearly requires tow companies to accept credit cards. This is not acceptable behavior," Shapiro said.

We spoke to one of the alleged victims, Vera, via FaceTime.

"He told me he didn't give an "f" about me and my baby. If I wanted my car I had to be respectful towards him, to keep my mouth shut, because he had the right to tell me to come for my car in a week's time," Vera said.

The Upper Darby resident says in September she was forced to pay more than $300 in cash to retrieve her car from Angelina's Towing and pay extra for bogus claims.

"I needed to pay $250 to get my car out, I was told to pay an extra $50 to keep the cops from stopping me in case they were to stop me, and then $60 I had to pay to another private account," Vera said.

Michael Caban says the allegations are false.

"We don't tow no cars without a Philadelphia police ticket on it, this way nobody goes to jail for it," he said.

The suits alleges that pit bulls on the property were used to intimidate people looking to retrieve their vehicles.

"We don't sic dogs on them, no one has ever been bit or had dogs sicced on them," said Caban.

As for cash payments:

"Five-thirty, six o'clock at night - yes the machine isn't on. That's after hours. I can't do anything about it," Caban said.

Caban has 20 days to follow up with the Attorney General's office.

For more on the city's rules governing towing activity, visit this link at