Recipe for Recovery: Philadelphia's Bynum Brothers serve up comfort food to front-line workers

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Friday, July 24, 2020
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Ben and Robert Bynum are back up and running serving up comfort food to the community.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia's famous soul food and jazz music pioneers, the Bynum Brothers, own four restaurants in the city.

Right now, all of their locations are open for takeout, but they've also been working on a new project that is all about gratitude.

Ben and Robert Bynum are back up and running serving up comfort food to the community.

"It's what we're known for," says Ben Bynum, the co-owner of Bynum Hospitality Group.

Green Soul and South on North Broad Street were damaged in the uprisings over the death of George Floyd.

"At this point, we're boarded up all the way around," Bynum says. "Mural Arts have come out and added some really nice murals that are on the outside of the building right now."

They're still finding ways to keep Philly fed.

"We need to try to collectively open our minds and figure out how we can be creative to do that, to make sure this whole feeling of neighborhood and community needs to be maintained by helping one another."

They created a new concept called The Hero Kitchen.

So far, they have donated up to 600 meals.

Chef Ben cooks them up and his brother Robert makes the deliveries.

"Hopefully it takes a little pressure off their day, or at least sends a message that someone cares about the job that you're doing."

They try to schedule deliveries between shifts.

"Some people are leaving for the day, others are just coming in.," Bynum says. "So, those that are leaving take them home, and those that are coming on a shift have them for that shift."

The initiative runs solely on donations and the brothers say they will keep it going as long as it's necessary.

When asked how they feel as we head into these next couple of months, and what's getting them through it?

"As my father says, we're gonna fight the hard fight, and do what we kind of need to do to ensure that we get through this."

The Bynum Brothers are also known for supporting live jazz and they're looking for ways to do that safely during COVID-19, with perhaps some outdoor music coming soon.

They also own Relish and WARMDADDY'S.