Morning Moms: Karina Bailey

During this pandemic, parents have had to find new ways to work from home while also keeping an eye on their children.

Mom Karina Bailey was able to do both.

Bailey is a mental health therapist. When she started doing her sessions virtually in March, her 2-year-old daughter Regan was right by her side.

"Luckily, all of my clients adore her and love her and thought she was a good addition. She was an amazing co-therapist," Bailey said.

Bailey also said it was important to keep Regan on a regular schedule and was able to replicate her daycare routine.

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From lunch, to naps and of course plenty of playtime.

"We bought a lot of toys. We got a trampoline. We got a new bike. We got a lot of things to help us release some energy because that's really all we wanted to do - get all of our energy out," Bailey said.

Bailey adds that the pandemic taught her to use her "village" when she needed a break.
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