Pa. breast cancer survivor creates clothing for mastectomy recovery

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Monday, December 4, 2023
Pa. breast cancer survivor creates clothing for mastectomy recovery
Kelly Hobbs crafted a fashionable and practical clothing line for others like her who battled breast cancer and received a mastectomy.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Kelly Hobbs learned to sew as a new mom. It was a talent that came in handy when she became a new cancer patient.

"I started feeling like I had a lump in my breast. I had ultrasound, mammograms, and they saw nothing," said Hobbs. "Finally, they sent me to a breast specialist who diagnosed me basically on the spot saying I had breast cancer."

After the shock, Hobbs had a lot to learn. And she learned how, following a mastectomy, she would have to wear surgical drains for several weeks. And while medical equipment can mitigate the discomfort, it is not always the most fashionable choice.

"So, I went and sewed some pockets into some of my own button-down and zip-up shirts," she said. "And then put that idea in my head that this could be something I can do to help people going through this after me."

Thus, Kelly Hobbs added 'Kelly Bee Recovery' to her already-existing 'Kelly Bee Designs.' She went on to sew thousands of mastectomy garments such as hoodies, pajamas, and tank tops fit with inner pockets.

Hobbs became so successful that she now has her products manufactured. But she still hand-sews special requests and gifts.

"And every time I send an order out, I write a note with it," she said. "Just, I hope everything goes well with your surgery and I feel like I'm just sending them a little, like, hug."

To learn more about Kelly Bee Designs, visit her website.

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