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Saturday, June 5, 2021
Rewatch the 2021 6abc Flower Show Special
For the first time in its 193 year history, the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is blooming outdoors this year in South Philadelphia's idyllic FDR Park. Get an exclusive look.

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- PHS Philadelphia Flower Show- Habitat: Nature's Masterpiece

For the first time in its 193-year history, the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is blooming outdoors this year in South Philadelphia's idyllic FDR Park.

You enter this year's show at the park's 15th and Pattison Street entrance and the first big wow factor is the park's historic Olmsted Pavilion, decked out in neon pink and orange, and designed by celebrity florist Jeffrey Leatham.

He's the official florist for the Four Seasons and has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Leatham was inspired by the pandemic and gave the pavilion the look of being overgrown with fabulous plants over the past 15 months.

The entrance garden is more of an experience this year. There are also 6-foot high letters spelling out the theme of HABITAT. Flowers cover the lawn as you cross under the arch and over the bridge and into Flower Show Land.

2021 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show | Tickets | Show Map

Flower Show Overview

This year's show, Habitat: Nature's Masterpiece, runs from June 5-13. You must buy tickets online ahead of time and reserve the morning or evening session.

FDR Park is convenient to public transit and major highways. PHS is offering shuttle service from nearby lots and parking for bikes in the park. |

Become a PHS member and you can take part in gardening programs all year long. Those who are members when the Flower Show ends have the opportunity to take home plants from this year's show.

The Great Plant Giveaway | Membership | Giveaway

Saturday, June 19 at the Navy Yard - For PHS Members only. Pre-registration required-online or by calling 215-988-8800.

This year's show has more than 15 acres to explore, divided into three Districts-the Plant District, the Design District and the Garden District.

The Design District is the centerpiece of the show and this is where you'll truly get inspired, with gardens by some of the best floral and landscape designers in the world. We check in with some longtime exhibitors and meet some first-timers.

The Plant District

The Plant District is designed for your inner plant geek.

This is the place where you can learn all about the plants that create the foundation of your garden. There are local plant societies exhibiting, some floral displays and the Horticourt. The Horticourt is more of a museum experience this year, with curated plants and a one-way in, one-way out walk-through experience. The Horticourt also houses some of the small spaces garden displays along with the miniatures.

You can buy plants outside and also check out an exhibit done by Fresh Artists, artwork of birds you can find in the park that were painted by local children in underserved communities.

The Garden District

And if the plant district is about education, and the Design District is about inspiration, the Garden District is where it all comes together. This is where you can interact with PHS gardening experts and learn how to plant every kind of garden imaginable-from kitchen gardens, to edibles, perennials and pollinators.

There will be active demonstrations along with chickens and beehives along with the birds that live in the park and are already creating nests in the exhibits! It truly is Nature's Habitat.

The Garden District also contains educational exhibits, some more small space gardening displays and an Enchanted Forest with garden displays featuring mythical creatures, fun for the children to explore. You'll also find the PHS Flower Show Shop and Members Lounge in the Garden District.

6 Ways to Eat

This year's show intermingles all of the dining throughout. So no matter which district, you are exploring, opportunities to eat are never far.

The Garden District has a beer garden on the south side, a picnic area in the middle and Blume Village on the north end. Blume Village is just like Christmas Village in Love Park with all of your favorite German foods.

The Plant District has a Food Bazaar that has your Philly favorites in a festival setting.

If you're looking for a restaurant-style experience, the Boathouse has sit-down dining with waitstaff bringing food and cocktails to your table. The Boathouse offers incredible views of the lake and of the entire Design District.


Just like the food, the shopping is also intermingled. There are market vendors throughout the plant district, along the edge of the garden district and looped around the entire design district.

All of the vendors have some sort of connection to horticulture-from bird-shaped glass art to nature photography, jewelry made with plant material and actual plants.

Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

If there's one thing this past year taught us, it was the mental health benefits of being in nature. The pandemic resulted in 18.2 million new gardeners this past year and an exponential increase in park usage, as people turned to nature and the outdoors to cope with the stress of COVID confinement.

American Swedish Historical Museum

Buy a ticket to this year's show and you also get free entry to the American Swedish Historical Museum. The museum's special exhibitions gallery will house the Flower Show jewelry, pressed flowers and photography exhibits, and you can explore the whole museum while you're there.

The museum is on the opposite side of the main lawn from the Boathouse and its terrace offers a beautiful elevated view overlooking the show. The terrace also has a Swedish-inspired cafe where you can grab a bite and a seat while you take in the beauty of the gardens.

American Swedish Historical Museum | Facebook | Instagram |

1800 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19145


6 Things to Do at the Flower Show

Along with the gardens, there are lots of things to do at this year's show:

You can take early morning tours. Tu Bloom will be hosting potting parties at Subaru's main exhibit on the north end of the Garden District. Butterflies Live! Is back. You'll find that in the Garden District as well, in a tent surrounded by lush pollinator gardens. The circus set up shop over in the Plant District, adding to the festival feel of the Food Bazaar. There will be entertainers roving throughout the show as well.

The last Saturday of the show is dedicated to families during the day with a performance and activity-filled day dubbed Family Frolic.

That Saturday night is for the adults, the annual Flower After Hours, held outdoors this year with a Hort Couture theme so wear your garden best because there will be judging with prizes for best costumes.

Subaru is giving birdwatching walking tours from its Subaru Camp Outback exhibit by the Boathouse. Subaru has partnered with the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club and experts will be on hand to teach guests how to cultivate habitats for birds.

FDR Park

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1500 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19145