The inside scoop on plastic surgery - what you need to ask

If you're considering a cosmetic procedure this spring, we have some inside secrets from a local plastic surgeon.

Here's the inside scoop you'll want to know before you head into surgery -- and even show you a few ways to avoid it altogether.

The youthful faces and bodies on websites make plastic surgery seem simple & easy.

ButDr. Lyle Back, or Cherry Hill, N.J., says it's still SURGERY, and you have to go into it with all facts.

First, be aware of the type of anesthesia you'll get, and who will administer it - an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist.

Dr. Back says many patients are told there'll be "some discomfort," but the truth is -

"There are some things that we do that can be VERY uncomfortable," he says.

Nose surgery, for example, seems painful - "Everybody thing, oh my god, that hurts like crazy," he notes, but adds, "It hardly hurts at all."

But nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is rarely as rough as a tummy tuck -

"It's gonna feel like you did about 10 billion sit-ups," he says, wincing a little.

Dr. Back says patients should also ask for a specific recovery timeline -

-What does "a few days mean?"

-How long will there be bruising? Swelling? Or pain?

And always level with YOUR doctor about YOUR history of healing or scarring.

"That's important for me to know, 'cause maybe I'll do something a little bit differently," he notes.

"There's a certain amount of genetics involved in the way someone scars," he says.

"Or maybe you had the surgery on a portion of the body that tends to scar poorly. There are places like that."

A previous procedure in the same area means underlying scar tissue, which complicates the surgeon's job - and the final result.

Also, ask about complication rates - AND how long your results might last?

While the lower face ages faster -

"The eyes tend to last the longest out of anything," he says, noting that skin there is thin and stays in place.

"It's pretty rare to have the eyes done more than once."

And speaking of eyes, Dr. Back says many surgical browlifts aren't necessary these days - botox, and waxing to re-shape the brows can do the same.

"It's the 'I've been on vacation for a few weeks look,'" he says.

"They are kept as secrets from some people, but they shouldn't be," says Dr. Lyle Back of Cherry Hill, N.J.

"Patients will learn them from good, trustworthy doctors," he says.
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