Get the Best Poke in Hawaii at Pono Market

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Thursday, February 11, 2021
Where to get the best Poke in Hawaii
Feel the love at this traditional Poke restaurant in Kapaʻa, Hawaii!

HONOLULU -- Hawaii's Poke is legendary, but at Pono Market in Kapa'a, Hawaii, you can feel the love in every bite.

"Poke in Hawaiian means 'chop' or 'cube', that's it. But nowadays poke became more of a to mix. So you not only have raw fish, you got cooked shrimp, cooked octopus," Says owner and third-generation Hawaiian, Robert Kubota. "The locals always remember us because their grandparents brought them, and now they became grandparents bringing their grandchildren. So even when the high school kids, they graduate, they go off to college-- one of the first stops when they come home from college during summer breaks, winter breaks. Come straight to Pono Market."

Pono Market is not just a pillar of the community in Kapa'a, Kauai. People from all over the world visit for a taste of the freshest and most authentic Poke you can find on the islands!

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