Police chief questions Derion Vence's accounts about Maleah Davis' disappearance

HOUSTON, Texas (WPVI) -- As authorities continue pleading for help in the search for Maleah Davis, Houston's police chief opened up about the suspect's theories, KTRK-TV reports.

On Thursday, Chief Art Acevedo held a press release to give a brief update on the missing 4-year-old's case. He also mentioned a $5,000 reward to help find Maleah even "if I have to pay it myself," he said.

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During the press conference, Acevedo told the media they believe the suspect, Derion Vence knows where Maleah is but he is just not talking about it.

"You could drive a big rig right through the tales this guy has been telling," Acevedo said about Vence.

Acevedo pleads with the public to help bring little Maleah home in order to give her family the closure they need, as her case is not one of a cat buried in the yard.

"The evidence shows that we believe she has been murdered. Let's bring this baby home, proper burial," he said. "Without finding that body, there is a hole left out there. We want to give them the closure, of both charges and finding her body."
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