4th Street Face-Off: Voters look to November

QUEEN VILLAGE (WPVI) -- With both conventions behind us, voters are now looking toward November.

The debates and conversations all surround who will, and who should, win the presidency.

We heard from a cross section voters at the Famous 4th Street Deli in Queen Village.

Democrat and political fundraiser Aubrey Montgomery says Hillary Clinton did the work she needed to Thursday night.

"To convince that her vision of America is positive, that she has detailed policy, that it is going to be a productive, unifying campaign," she said.

But Montgomery also says she thinks it's the DNC taken as a whole that made the real impact.

The convention "unified the party, solidified the message, and gave people something to work toward in November," she told Action News.

Indeed, the DNC did influence independent, undecided voter Ahmed Baghat.

And it wasn't Hillary Clinton's speech that may have clinched his decision.

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"I'll say that after Bloomberg's speech during the DNC... that swayed me," he said. "Powerful that he was an independent and is passionate about a singular candidate rather than a party and a party platform."

But for many Republicans, like Anthony Bertett, it didn't matter what happened at the convention or what Hillary Clinton said in her acceptance speech.

"I'm definitely not voting for Hillary Clinton," he said.

But even after both parties' conventions, Bertett said he isn't sold on Donald Trump either.

"The only saving grace with Trump is he's a business man so he knows how to use that to create jobs," said Bertett.
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