Police union calls for Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner's removal

Police union calls for district attorney's removal
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The FOP Lodge in Northeast Philadelphia was packed Tuesday night with a crowd who wants District Attorney Larry Krasner out of office.

The widow of Officer Danny Faulkner says she feels betrayed by him.

Mumia Abu-Jamal remains in prison for Faulkner's 1981 murder.

Last week Krasner decided to drop a challenge that clears the way for Abu-Jamal to argue his appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Tuesday night, he issued this statement:

"Last week, we withdrew our appeal in the Mumia Abu-Jamal case after the court resolved a technical issue about how the judge's ruling impacted unrelated cases.

The decision to withdrawal does not free Mr. Abu-Jamal or grant him a new trial.

DA Krasner spoke to Ms. Faulkner personally the day prior to the appeal being withdrawn, as did two of the senior lawyers who are handling the case.

She was then notified the next day in writing when it formally occurred.

We continue to offer our sympathies to the Faulkner family.

Despite passions running high on all sides of the case, (we are frequently protested by both pro- and anti-Mumia groups) the office will continue to follow the facts and the law in this and every case that comes before us for consideration."
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