'Poll Hero Project' recruits teens to work polls on election day

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- From her living room couch, 17-year-old Lucy Duckworth is making a big impact on the election.

It all started when she saw a post on Instagram with an account called the "Poll Hero" project. The organization is looking for high school and college students to sign up to work the polls on Election Day.

"I was looking for ways that I could help make this election a success and I guess a success in my words would be everyone who wanted to vote could vote," said Duckworth, of Philadelphia.

To run an election, Philadelphia needs 8,500 poll workers. During midterm elections two years ago, 59% of poll workers were over the age of 60. That population is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, which is why high school and college kids running Poll Hero say it's their turn to step up.

"I also think we have some responsibility to step up and be on the front line as we like to call it," said Duckworth.

She says 70 students at her high school are now registered to be poll workers. Nationwide, the organization claims 31,000 young people have signed up.

In Philadelphia, 20,000 people have registered to be poll workers. While city commissioners don't have an age breakdown, they say that 50% more than a normal election year.

Even though is she not old enough to vote, Duckworth says she's not staying silent during this election.

"We have the potential to get involved now and the earlier we get involved, the more we have an effect on what happens in this country," she said.
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