Touch & Glow Relaxation Lounge offers spa services from around the world

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Monday, May 20, 2024
Touch & Glow Relaxation offers spa services from around the world
Touch & Glow Relaxation Lounge features a host of services curated from the owner's travels, including a Turkish bath from Turkey.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Karina Vazquez opened Touch & Glow Relaxation Lounge fueled by her love of travel.

After visiting spas in different countries, she incorporated her favorite spa services from around the globe.

There's a Turkish bath from Turkey, bath rituals from Spain in a glass tub hammam, and an Egyptian foot soak.

There are three floors filled with relaxation. You can enjoy a facial, a massage, or a cocktail-themed pedicure when you visit the nail bar.

Vazquez opened her spa in 2017 on Main Street in Manayunk but closed due to the pandemic. Last January she opened back up in Roxburgh offering brunch, private chefs, and more when you book your appointment at Touch & Glow Relaxation Lounge.

To find out more of what Touch & Glow Relaxation Lounge has to offer, you can visit their website for more.

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