Montgomery County mom, newborn back home after scare with COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A young Montgomery County mom is finally enjoying her new baby after coronavirus threatened them both.

Carri Garcia was in her 36th week of pregnancy when she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

In 24 hours, Garcia went from being admitted to Einstein Montgomery Hospital to a ventilator, after being airlifted to Einstein Medical Center on North Broad Street.

Her blood oxygen was so low, the baby was at risk.

Carri had other challenges.

"We also discovered on her CT scan when she came to the hospital, that she had blood clots in her lungs," in both large and smaller blood vessels, said obstetrician Adeeb Khalifeh.

Her pregnancy and weight prevented "proning," putting her face down, to get oxygen to her lungs.

Obstetrician Adeeb Khalifeh and internist Bhavna Sharma knew time was running out.

So Garcia underwent an emergency C-section while on the ventilator.

"We need to relieve that pressure in order to help the ventilator do its job. We decided that within the next hour, we needed to deliver the baby," said Dr. Kalifeh.

Garcia seemed to turn the corner quickly.
"Within the next 24 to 48 hours, she was down to 60%, which is way better than 100% oxygen," said Sharma.

Because of sedatives, Garcia received her newborn son, Manuel, was given breathing help as a precaution.

However, Manuel was off the machine, breathing and feeding on his own quickly. He was sent home a few days later.

Garcia needed another week on the ventilator, and nearly a month in rehab.

But both are now back home and doing well.
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