Discovery of dead dogs uncovers possible dog fighting operation

Friday, February 26, 2016
VIDEO: Dog fighting
Officers say initial indications are the dogs may have been victims of dog fighting.

GERMANTOWN (WPVI) -- Pennylvania SPCA combed through a vacant lot Thursday night in the 400 block of East Rittenhouse. There they say they found the remains of three pit bulls inside black trash bags.

Officers say initial indications are the dogs may have been victims of dog fighting.

"It's a horrendous act. These dogs suffered mightily," said George Bengal, PSPCA.

The lot is right across the street from a vacant home where authorities discovered seven dead and two living pit bulls in what is suspected to be a dog fighting operation.

"On the walls in one part of the downstairs of the property, it appeared to be blood all over a corner area," said Bengal.

Authorities say there's no evidence of anyone living in the property, there's no furniture, just dogs being kept inside.

It is believed the three dead dogs found Thursday night were dumped in the vacant, brush-filled lot after they met their horrific demise in the house across the street.

Neighbors seemed surprised by the discovery.

"You just hear 'em barking like late night or rainy nights," said Lynn Smith, neighbor. "I never thought noting of it."

"It's very cruel to the animals. I can't believe it, I have animals myself," said Pat Williams, neighbor.

Unfortunately, authorities say it is the third dog fighting incident at the property since 2013.

"That area, that whole area has been for many years a very hot area for animal fighting," said Bengal.

At the moment, authorities say they do not have any suspects. They are asking for the public's help in trying to identify the culprits.

Anyone with information is asked to call the SPCA's cruelty hotline at 866-601-SPCA.