Video captures purse snatching outside Philly bar

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Philadelphia police are warning women to be on guard when they're carrying a purse or bag when they're out on the street.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police are warning women to be on guard when they're carrying a purse or bag while out on the street.

On October 8, video captured a woman being mugged around 8:30 p.m. at the Pub on East Passyunk, a place more fondly known as POPE.

The woman was standing at the take-out window waiting for some drinks when the suspect struck.

"My bag was on my shoulder. I was texting, just waiting for my drinks, not paying attention to my surroundings," said the victim who did not want to be identified.

Video shows a man pass by, look over and then keep going. Seconds later another man comes by from around the corner and pounces, grabbing the victim's purse as she holds onto it. He drags her with it until finally the strap breaks and he runs off with the purse.

"I look at the video and it makes a lot more sense. I was at the window one second, and a second later I was down on the sidewalk," recalled the woman.

Pete, a POPE bartender, then comes running out and chases after the man. Others also come back to help after hearing the woman scream.

Some are praising Pete for his quick thinking to jump in and help.

"I think that we need more bartenders and heroes like him. He's a guy who clearly cares about his community, he's awesome. He came running right out, did you see that? Didn't even hesitate," said Chris Passaretti of South Philadelphia.

Police said the purse snatcher jumped into a waiting car being driven by another man.

The victim said she bruised her hip pretty badly when she was pulled to the ground. She wants to warn other potential victims.

"I mean obviously be more aware of your surroundings, hold your personal belongings maybe closer to your body where someone's not gonna see it hanging like this guy did," said the woman.

The victim says the purse snatcher got away with virtually nothing because she had left her wallet at home and was using her credit card to pay.