Attention, Shoppers -- There's a new way to shop QVC on WPVI ch 6.4

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Attention Shoppers! QVC is now on WPVI ABC digital channel 6.4. QVC's 21-hour live shopping experience is here to surprise and delight you throughout the day with original shows, special events, daily deals.

QVC's curated collection of products enriches life's everyday moments - you'll find beauty, fashion, cook, jewelry, electronics and more! We invite you to join the conversation with engaging personalities, sharing authentic stories and expert tips. When you shop, QVC's award-winning customer service is there to help.

QVC does it all to deliver the joy of discovery through the power of relationships. Watch and shop with us!

QVC can be found on WPVI ABC digital channel 6.4 in Philadelphia. Watch and shop on and on the QVC app.

Check out QVC, the 21-hour live shopping experience that launches on WPVI ABC digital channel 6.4 today!