Relaxed duo ride motorized recliners around 'Big Boy Toys' expo

Two men attending the Big Boys Toys Expo in Newcastle, New South Wales turned heads while riding around the expo in motorized recliners.

The event specializes in big boats, caravans, campers and 4x4 vehicles among other attractions.

Jessica Slow captured the relaxed duo and their novel mode of transport on camera.

"The response from the crowd was amazing," she told Storyful. "These guys were driving these armchairs all around Newcastle after I saw them at the event and everyone loved it."

Then men behind the creation, which they call the LazyBoy MC, are Andrew Burns and John Norton. Burns told the Newcastle Herald that the concept was dreamt up "over a few beers in the shed" where they "just sort of bumped heads, did a bit of brainstorming and this is what we came up with."
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