Spring Garden residents fed up after spike in car smash-and-grabs

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A number of car windows were busted up along a stretch of roadway in Philadelphia's Spring Garden section. Neighbors say it's not the first time and they're fed up.

"I walk through here every day and it was about nine or 10 cars and the first one it was busted windows, I am like, 'Wow.' Then second one, busted window. Third, fourth, fifth-- it was about like 10 cars straight," said Jocelyn Garcia.

Neighbors tell Action News this particular vandalism happened along Wood Street just off Broad Street. It's not the first time in recent days.

Jim Payne is the director of the school for the Pennsylvania Ballet which sits on this block. By his count, this is the third round of smash-and-grabs from cars here since last week.

"That I can recall, three different instances. The one last night, or actually it was this morning, about 5 o'clock this morning. It was every car on the block," said Payne.

And there have been a few other car break-ins scattered in the same area. John Petrucci, a Roman Catholic High School sophomore, said he notices the broken windows and all the glass each time he leaves wrestling practice.

"Every night, we've just been walking out of practice and all the cars along this street, like usually three or four, it's like all the windows are shattered," Petrucci said.

The Pennsylvania Ballet's security cameras did capture a brief image of a possible suspect--someone dressed all in black. They said to their mind there's little doubt this was a thief intent on targeting cars for valuables.
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