New Disney+ series 'Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts' changes up format of talk shows

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Thursday, July 29, 2021
Robin Roberts brings new kind of talk show to Disney+
'The whole intent was so you could feel like a fly on the wall.' Robin Roberts brings her own special talent of connecting with others to a new type of talk show on Disney+ with 'Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts.'

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Robin Roberts is one of the biggest stars of morning television with her role on "Good Morning America." She's now expanding her reach with a new project on Disney+ called "Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts."

One big difference in this new format: no commercials!

"And that's the intent. It was just to have a free-flowing conversation," said Roberts. "They would ask me questions. They would ask each other questions, not even ask questions, just like talking. Was like a true conversation like you would have with friends at home."

Each episode of "Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts" brings the celebrated interviewer together with three famous women. In this safe zone, they comfortably share some very personal stories - and that includes Robin herself.

"The whole intent was so you could feel like a fly on the wall. That connection, you could feel that connection and that's what I think sets this show apart," said Roberts.

For instance, country star Mickey Guyton talks about the initial lack of interest in her hit song, "Black Like Me." It would eventually make her the first Black solo female artist to earn a Grammy nomination in a country music category.

"We have a story. We have worth, you know? People who are older think, oh, no one wants to hear from me. People who are younger think no one's going to hear from me," said Roberts. "We proved in this program that, yes, voices matter--young or older."

This show goes to some very deep places, but there's also plenty of room to laugh along the way.

"I love, I know you do, too, George, love, I love--I love connecting with people. And I love that the connection can help folks who are listening," said Roberts.

"Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts" begins streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday.