Get a sneak peak at set of new Rocky movie, 'Creed'

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
VIDEO: Get a peak at set of new Rocky movie
The next movie is already filming in the area and our own Eva Pilgrim got a sneak peak at some of the locations.

KENSINGTON (WPVI) -- The next Rocky movie is already filming in the area and our own Eva Pilgrim got a sneak peak at some of the locations.

It's been more than 38 years since the world first saw Rocky's iconic run up the Art Museum steps, and now Sylvester Stalone is back for the spin off, titled 'Creed.'

The signs are posted. Clearfield Street in Kensington is going to be closed down starting tomorrow.

Port Richmond resident Bill Campbell says, "Everyone is talking about the movie."

And Garth Wetezl of Port Richmond tells us, "Philadelphia, especially Kensington and all... That's one of the things we are proud of."

At the Front Street Gym filming begins tomorrow, and we got inside to see just where the movie cameras will be.

We asked gym owner Frank Kubach if he's excited. He said, "I've seen better fighters. I mean, I've seen real fighters, really."

Frank Kubach has owned the gym for the last 25 years. Boxing started in here back in the 50s.

Kubach says, "Lot of world champions come in here - Meldrick Taylor, Tony Thornton, and Hank Quinn. A lot of good fighters came out of here."

It's an old school boxing gym - just the essentials... and now some movie props.

Dozens of pictures hanging on Frank's office wall are specifically for the movie.

He says, "'Rocky' brought something back to the fight game. But we're really losing the fight game again, in a way. I hope he brings something back."

For neighbors it's bringing a renewed sense of pride in where they live.

Wetezl tells us, "It's exciting. It's something new. You know, there's a lot of negativity down here and when we see something positive, it's good for the neighborhood."

Campbell says, "When there is a movie around here it's good for the neighborhood. It keeps peace sometimes. Everyone likes to get together."

This seventh Rocky movie is expected to be out just in time for Thanksgiving.