Amazing service dog predicts seizures, can comfort or get help

ByBeccah Hendrickson Localish logo
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Amazing service dog can sense his owner's seizures, offer help and comfort
This 20-year-old man used to experience 78 seizures a day until he met a new furry friend named Wrangler.

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP -- This special service dog is helping to reduce the number of seizures a disabled man gets per day.

Giovani Corporan, 20, was born with several genetic issues at birth that caused him to have an average of 78 seizures per day.

His family has tried everything to get his seizures under control, but nothing worked until they found a dog named Wrangler. Wrangler connected to Gio instantly and now they are bonded like no other.

The dog is able to sense when Gio is about to have a seizure and alert his family as well as calm Gio down to help prevent the seizure. Since getting Wrangler, Gio has improved everyday, and his family is able to rest easier knowing they have Wrangler if anything goes wrong.