How to get cash for your old kids' stuff and furniture... without lifting a finger

Action News found two companies that will help you get rid of your old stuff - and get paid: GoodBuy Gear and Apt Deco.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Have a lot of stuff around the house that you want to sell, but you just don't have the time to deal with listing items online?

You're in luck: Action News found two companies that will help you get rid of that stuff - and get paid!


Like many of us, Danielle Hammer's family accumulated a lot stuff, especially after her first child arrived in 2014.

"Bouncers, high chairs, the little stuff they sit in," she said.

GoodBuy Gear came to the rescue.

"Literally the easiest thing I've ever done," she said.

GoodBuy Gear is an online marketplace for secondhand and open box baby and kids gear.

What makes it unique is how it works.

"We come out and get it," said Chris Butler with GoodBuy Gear. "And that's the nice thing about it, you have to do anything."

That's right: you don't even have to put your stuff in boxes!

"We have a carrier, a lot of these great Baby K'tans," said GoodBuy Gear Co-Founder Kristin Langenfeld.

The items come to a new 121,000 square-foot facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

"We photograph it, we price it, we post it, we put it on our marketplace," she said.

You can request any price changes and you'll get alerts throughout the process. Plus, every item is inspected for quality, safety and recalls before it's put up for sale.

"Meaning we'll put it together. We even have a fake baby Alex that we put into swings to make sure that it swings," said Lagenfeld.

It's $25 to have GoodBuy Gear pick up your items, which comes out of your first payout.

Sellers get 80% for items that sell for over $250, then it's a sliding scale. Average payouts are about 50%.

And you can also choose an option to put your earnings toward GoodBuy Gear store credit, which will give you an additional 10% payout.

There are lots of deals to be had.

We found activity walkers, League of Legends toys and even strollers at more than half off.

Our producer even gave her daughters' things to GoodBuy gear and within a month already made almost $700 on items that were just sitting in her basement!


Here's a solution if you're looking to unload any kind of furniture.

"The idea for the company came out of my time at Wharton and trying to sell my furniture," said Reham Fagiri.

Fagiri created Apt Deco, as an easy way to buy and sell furniture.

"You have no awkward cash exchanges, no awkward haggling with people," she said "We handle everything from the logistics. So that's everything from pickup and delivery, online payments; we pay the seller directly into their bank account."

Sellers list furniture for free and the Apt Deco team helps curate photos and price items, which stay at the seller's home until they're sold.

"Our delivery teams will inspect every single item at time of pickup and compare it to what the seller advertised," she said.

If an issue arises, buyers get a text and can choose whether to take it or leave it.

Fagiri says items typically sell within 10 days. Sellers like Ryan Gardner receive 62% to 80%.

"Their pickup and delivery is sort of seamless, versus the other side to kind of have to handle that on your own," said Gardner. "So that's a big plus."

More than 12 million tons of furniture ends up in landfills every year, so selling and buying used really helps the environment, too.


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