SEPTA Regional Rail unions authorize strike as negotiations continue with transit police

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023
SEPTA Regional Rail conductors and engineers authorize strike
SEPTA Regional Rail conductors and engineers authorize strike

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Another faction of SEPTA is threatening to strike. The two unions that represent SEPTA Regional Rail conductors and engineers are the latest to authorize a walkout if they cannot reach an agreement on a new contract.

The engineer and conductor unions claim working on SEPTA Regional Rail pays less than any other U.S. passenger railroad system.

Both unions are also negotiating COVID-19 hazard pay as part of a new contract.

This comes as SEPTA transit police officers continue to hold off on following through with their strike threat until at least noon Tuesday.

The union told Action News it expects SEPTA to respond Tuesday morning to its latest contract proposal.

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The 170 unionized officers have not yet walked off the job even though their original Monday deadline has passed.

Since then, both SEPTA and the transit police union say they have had productive dialogue. The main sticking points for transit police are salary and how long the proposed raises would be spread out.